Инструкция за монтаж на съединители

Compression fittings are specially designed for joining polyethylene (okiten) pipes.
They are used for distribution systems of drinking water and other liquids. The quality of used materials makes the compression fittings resistant to erosion to many chemical substances and UV radiation.
Europlast compression fittings are exceptionaly easily and fast installed. They satisfy all international standards concerning mechanical features and food compatibility.
Europlast hinges are labeled with EP, as a trademark sign of the company.

Cut the pipe at the right angle using the scissors for cutting pipes (see the picture).

Unscrew the blue nut from the fitting body and pull the pipe through it so that the wider part with the coil is set towards the fitting body, and then put the white clamp ring.

Insert the pipe in the thrust ring on the fitting body (as far as possible) and pull the white clamp ring all the way to the fitting body.

Screw the blue nut manually, and then, if it is necessary, tighten it with a special pipe wrench.

The nut has to be firmly screwed but it does not have to reach the end of the coil on the fitting body.