With its tradition of five decades, the independent firm Europlast is the leader in plastic masses processing in Serbia. Brand Europlast is known for its top quality, competitive prices and large assortment of goods: Fluidterm program, bathroom equipment under the slogan “IMAGES ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL IN EUROPLAST MIRRORS”, and compression fitting “couplings”. The firm archives continuous prosperity on the market, and satisfies the highest criteria of consumers, thanks to good quality of its products above all, but also to new design and following the latest trends. In order to assure the stability of quaality in its production, Europlast Dinić, organized its work according to the quality managemene system SRPS ISO 9001 and SRPS ISO 14001. The certificate for the applied quality management system was obtained for the first time in 2007.

The Europlast Dinić management is aware of the contemporary market development. They know that the leadership position on the market in the Fluidterm program production, created thanks to the excellent and continuous quality of the products, needs to be maintained, and that new, equally successful brands should be formed. In order to complete the process of production, Europlast Dinić applied its successful strategy to producing compression fittings for joining okiten pipes.

The new products of Europlast Dinić are taking over the market.

Within many decades of expansion and growth former independent plastic production workshop “EUROPLAST” has changed its legal form to “EUROPLAST DINIĆ” DOO company on the day of 01.11.2012. and continued to work successfully on well-built foundation learning on an already existing production philosophy.

“New pipeline for new century”