Our Mission


The mission of EUROPLAST DINIĆ is to make sure that the highest quality products and services in the fields of Fludterm program, bathroom ecquipment and compression fittings are available to all interested buyers and end users in Serbia and reagion.


We want to be recognized as socialy responsible and higly professional organization that constantly works on its poinciples of business greatness and focuses special attention to its customers needs and requirements and cares about their employees and wider social community.

To achieve this we are focused on:
• opening representative offices in Serbia,
• expanding and improving insfrastructure,
• continuous development of marketing activivties,
• implementation of new technologies,
• modernization of information technologies,
• adoption and expansion of product assortmentusvajanje i proširenje asortimana proizvoda,
• training of new and existing professional staff,
• independent development of new products and creation of new “brends”.